8 main keys which everyone who wanted to hire an SEO agency and freelancer must need to know

When you hire an SEO agency or SEO freelancer, make sure to ask them whether they’ll be able to deliver the following deliverables:

1. Initial Web Analysis Report – it includes their Data from Google Analytics (if they’ve integrated it), Google Search Console (if they’ve integrated it) and current keyword rankings. This report will help you as the business owner to understand how your site is performing on the search engine. As for the SEO person, this report will help them build the initial SEO strategy for your site.

2. Site Quality Audit – an analysis on every page on your site in terms of indexation status, internal links, title tags, meta description and more. This process will help in identifying low-quality pages and further enhance pages that are already ranking to gain more results.

joonee.co 201820SEO20Trends202-6 What do you need to know when you hire an SEO agency/ freelancer? SEO

3. Competitor Analysis – one of the most important parts of SEO analysis. How if your agency unable to find your top competitors? Without having knowledge of your competitor’s digital activities it’s hard to come up with a strategic SEO strategy. The process involved deep analysis of the top 3 competitors and how they are performing on search engines.

4. GSC (Google Search Console) Audit – analysis on the Google Search Console account to make sure your sitemaps are submitted and all the technical issues related to your site are identified and rectified.

5. Keyword / Keyphrase research – the “Site Quality Audit” will provide a list of pages ranking for existing keywords. For the existing pages, in-depth research needs to be performed to identify primary and secondary keywords. For each keyword, search engine results should be evaluated to find out the sites ranking on top for the pages. It will help the digital agency to analyze top ranking pages in terms of content, backlinks, and other ranking factors.

6. Fixing “on-page” errors – In accordance with the site audit, on-page errors should be fixed. Usually, there should be a checklist for fixing on-page issues. The checklist will cover title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, content depth, internal links, schema markups and etc. If your site has hundreds or thousands of pages, it will take time to complete the whole process.

joonee.co seo What do you need to know when you hire an SEO agency/ freelancer? SEO

7. Project Planning – with the site audit and all the basic SEO work, the digital agency should provide the exact tasks and timeline on the tasks to be performed. The project plan should have detailed information for the rest of your SEO campaign.

8. Link Building Methods – link building methods should be transparent. There are lots of blackhat methods and Fiver gigs being used as link building costs money and time. Some agencies use PBNs to build links. It’s quite risky methods. These are the best link building methods should be used:

* Quality guest blogging on relevant high quality sites
* Broken Link building
* Resource link building

Make sure to insist on the method they’ll be using.

There are more deliverables offered for SEO campaigns. But these are the most crucial ones.

When you’re looking for an SEO agency or SEO freelancer, make sure to verify whether they’ll be able to provide all these important deliverables.

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