If you are a business owner, before you are going to start a business, for sure you have to set your first goal which is to work on achieving the revenue growth in order to help the company to break even and scale up sales.

Many business owners are now realising the importance and impact of digital marketing to their business.

It is unique in a way which affects both end of spectrum, which is cost optimisation and revenue generation.

Today, I will like to show all about basic level in digital marketing that business owner must need to know.

1. Different channel serving for different purpose

Digital marketing contained many channels such as social media platform, mobile apps, blog, forum, website, and so on.

Different channel has different purpose.  For instance, business owner may utilize their blog for positioning the business, social media can be using to engage existing customer and source for new potential client. We can also use all of different channel to share information such as new product launch, promotion, customer retention program, etc.

Business owner need to know their marketing’s objective to decide the suitable channel to go for in order to design the planning and strategy to work with that.

2. Target audience is varied

While we want to ensure that all our marketing communication reaches our customers or potential clients, we need to be aware that the target audience that is reached through each intervention is different. The profile of those who access or consume information through various digital channels is diverse. Keeping that in mind, design your campaign or strategy to meet your business needs most effectively.

In the upcoming article, I will share about the importance of varied target market mean to a business.

3. Paid and unpaid

The major key factor to go for digital marketing is that we need not have to spend large amount of money for our digital media campaigns.

Some of them only required investment such as when an app has been developed or we placed the budget for sponsored ads.

Even, you can choose how much of daily advertising budget that you will like to place for your ads and you may slowly scale up daily budget if you seeing ads result is good or has been improved through day.

The unpaid or small budget paid has beneficial especially for many small business that do not have so much fund to launch a wide and large scale of digital marketing strategy but also can achieve their marketing’s objective as long you are doing closely monitoring and optimising for your digital media campaigns.

Small businesses do not have to put so much of fund to launch a wide and large scale digital marketing strategy

4. Monitor about the frequency

Many business owner intend to make the mistake which is over-bombarding the internet with information or updates via digital media. Communication should be managed and tracked at each of stage in frequent. We need to ensure every campaigns is measured on the number of times when it connects with a customer. Also, number of e-mails which has been sent out to customer should also be checked time by time.

All above are few of basic level in digital marketing which business owner must need to know.

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