As a digital media consumer, you will see sponsored ads catered to your behavior online. Many sponsored post you see a month, have you actually notice how many of them have a dismal copywriting for the post? Not sure if everyone are aware of it, but one of the key ways to identify a scam online is by the amount of errors in their copy. Let’s discuss about what is copywriting, and how it actually affects the performance of your ads online.


What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material. A copy is where your targeted audience to gets additional information on your advertisement after they have been enticed by your artwork. A good copy has to accurately convey your message and be able to capture the attention of a potential customer, leading them to click on the CTA button. SEO-copywriting Why copywriting is important in Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing

Relationship between copywriting and scammers

Online scams should be put to a stop as soon as possible. Despite the penalty imposed there will always be people trying their best to manipulate and cheat you. In many cases, one of the signs that the online ad is a scam is when there are many grammar and language errors in the post. The scammers use Google Translate to translate their post to multiple languages, to target multiple demographics at the same time. If you’re familiar with Google Translate, you will know that it can be used as a reference and to translate words and short sentences, but not entire posts.

A good and quality copywriting is essential in Digital Marketing no matter SEO, Social Media marketing, etc because it drives profitability, earns a Return On Investment (ROI) and achieves your business’ goals by convincing your target customer that your product offering will solve their need and offer them value.

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