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Good and effective SEO should never be cheap. You get what you pay for.

Understand about investing money to grow your business is very important. However, choosing “cheap” SEO services will affect your business.

The importance of SEO

Let’s start by evaluating the importance of SEO, which remains the single most effective marketing technique for scaling traffic online.

The practice is increasingly challenging, particularly in highly competitive industries where a large number of brands continue to strive for a viable market share.

It’s clear that brands who invest in good quality SEO and are able to secure consistently high rankings will achieve a competitive advantage over their rivals.

This leads us to the changing nature of customer behavior, which has evolved considerably as the web has enjoyed exponential growth. More specifically, consumers are increasingly likely to source, reference, and purchase goods online, as they leverage the web and its tools to seek out key points of information such as comparative pricing and availability.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should avoid to choose cheap SEO packages.

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1. Cheap SEO can’t deliver your basic SEO requirements

The two key factors of SEO are high-quality content and backlinks.

As you would expect, these two activities are also the most labor and capital intensive, meaning that they account for a significant percentage of your SEO outlay.

Long-form content needs to be well-structured and extremely informative, while it requires a great deal of skill and a significant time investment to craft.

Without the necessary resources to create such content, low-quality SEO use software to scrape existing online articles and spin them into “new” posts, often at the expense of structure and accurate grammar.

Given that this content is a direct reflection of your brand and its website, it is a practice that can severely damage your reputation among consumers.

2. Failed to get long-term results

The funny part of business owners is that they want to achieve a good profit with less investment.

From a business perspective, it might sound good as profitability is what matters for businesses. But there are certain things in business that you don’t want to go cheap.

Digital marketing is one of those things.

Same goes apply to SEO.

Cheap SEO can lead your site to be penalised by any search engine, Google, Baidu, etc. Perhaps, you might see positive results in the short-term, and end up getting manual action from Google due to the unethical strategies used to build links for your site. The process of getting your site recovered will cost you more time and money. Sometimes it can take more than 6-9 months to get the penalty removed.

So you don’t want to face unwanted consequences by going cheap.

Time and money are valuable assets for businesses.

3.  Lack of ability to scale your business

Cheap SEO service will use strategies which does not require any capital investment.

Without the right investment, the SEO company is unable to scale your business by integrating creative works.

SEO is dynamic and flexible.

SEO principles remained the same over the years, however every single SEO campaign is different.

Different clients require different SEO needs.

So, cheap SEO services will only result in low quality works.

4. Failed to develop your own quality assets

Whoever have fundamental knowledge about SEO shall understand how important of original content play role for SEO.

The content which you developed for your websites are important ASSETS for your own company, due to these assets will improve your value no matter within industry in both online and offline, also build your reputation to your potential consumers while they intend to search relevant industry and able to see your websites/ company appear on top of search engine ranking.

You may have the risk that cheap SEO service provider not able to develop good quality content, due to they don’t have sufficient money to create outstanding contents or get links juice from high authority sites.

5. SEO is a long-term process

I always feel pressure about SEO is a long term process. Do you think cheap SEO can help you achieve long-term results?

The answer is NO and NEVER.

SEO is absolutely not one-time process, it’s requires constantly of quality work, on page and off page optimisation for the websites.

Cheap SEO services can deliver only the basics for a short period of time. However, it may not able to work continuously if you are looking for long term result and process.

For you to implement quality SEO strategies, you need to invest in reputable SEO service providers.


While it’s easy to understand the appeal of cheap SEO packages in the current business and economic climate, it’s important that businesses adhere to the basic rule of prioritising value over cost.

In fact, this is even more important in the case of SEO, where the amount that you spend and the type of service provider has a direct bearing on the results that you’re able to achieve.

If you will like to understand further about SEO service, or you are struggling in working on SEO for your business like me, all are welcome to contact us to discuss further on it.